“Why yuh dweet dranco?” D’Angel trolls person who leaked her OnlyFans photos

Dancehall artiste, D’Angel

You’ve probably already met D’Angel’s news anchor personality, Pamela Houston. And in her last newscast, the cheeky news anchor had lots to say.

After being fired for her incessant chatting during her previous newscast, she was hired back, and according to Pamela, it was the best decision.

“A mi alone cudda read dah news story ya!,” she exclaimed after reading through the headline which stated that dancehall artiste, D’Angel’s OnlyFans photos were leaked.

“Why yuh dweet dranco?” Pamela (D’Angel) asked, while her news director chides her for going of script.

“The girl don’t deserve that,” she continued while also expressing her surprise that these were the photos being talked about.

“Mi nah lie, Angel look good doh eno, she used to model or something? Gyal look good.”

Back on script, Pamela now learns that D’Angel plans to sue anyone who leaks her photos again. And the news anchor praised the First Lady of Dancehall for her decision.

“Mi glad, mi nah lie Angel, sue dem!” she exclaimed. “Finally, weh uno feel like uno can do, spread propaganda pan di woman, and mek di woman cya live inna piece?”

And fans of the artiste loved that she placed a comedic spin on the incident.

“Pamela cant behave her self enuh😂😂😂😂,” one fan wrote.

“Pamela you a di best 😃what a way you rub him out 😃,” another commented.