‘Weh fork a go?’ Popcaan makes ‘handmade’ corned beef sandwich

We’ve seen some odd things in our line of work, but Popcaan using his hand to spread corned beef on bread for a sandwich ranks at the top of that list.

Popcaan-Dancehall artiste-BUZZ Caribbean

Popcaan, born Andre Sutherland, was in an unidentified rural area when the strange incident occurred. In a video shared to his Instagram page, and captioned “survival is the key”, the artiste is seen using his hand to remove corned beef, prepared in a plastic cup, naturally, and spread it generously on a slice of bread before adding a second slice for a sandwich.

When asked about it, the Party Shot artiste said he was doing it because he had no fork, adding that “we just a use we hand mek fashion.”

He followed up with “And over Africa, a so the people dem slap weh food enuh.”

Clearly unfazed by the unusual method, he takes a large bite of the sandwich before asking “Weh the coconut water dem deh?”

We’ve gotta say, he certainly knows how to enjoy life.

Click here to watch the clip.