Wine For You: Producer Jahboy to release “massive” collab with Anthony B, Kenyan singer

Producer Jahboy

Jamaican afrobeats producer Jahboy is confident that his upcoming release, Wine For You, will be the next big thing.

The song was recorded by reggae singer Anthony B and Kenyan singer Cathy Matete and is scheduled for release next week.

“I believe in this song, it’s gonna be massive,” Jahboy told BUZZ. “It’s different, it has a unique style to it; a little RnB with reggae style, afrobeats and dancehall mixture in it. The vibes different and everything is different about this track.”

Cathy Matete and Anthony B ‘Wine For You’

Jahboy has collaborated with Anthony B before, with their last release being the 2019 single I Love You More.

His confidence in the performance of the upcoming single can be credited to his work on other successful afrobeats projects over the years. The instrumentalist, whose given name is Alrick Bailey, learnt more than a thing or two about afrobeats production a few years ago, courtesy of Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer, Mr P. He got his start working with big names like Davido, on the 2012 hit Ekuro, of which he shares production credits. The Kingston-based producer has also worked with other notable African acts including Wizkid, Ben Anansi and Sean Dampte.

Anthony B

He intends to travel to Nigeria this year to work with several artistes from that region, a nod to his goal of becoming a household name in the afrobeats genre. “I’m doing a great job so far cause everyday I get new people to work with, and a lot of people link me seh they wanna work with me cause dem love me style,” he said. “For 2020 I’m gonna be working on some more international collaborations, and I’m looking to work with more African artistes when I go to Nigeria.”