Winnie Harlow gifts Kim Kardashian with personalised chain

Canadian-Jamaican supermodel Winne Harlow gifted Kim Kardashian West a white and rose gold ‘KKW X WINNIE’ chain.

Kim Kardashian and Winne Harlow showing their ‘KKWXWINNE’ chains from Kilani jewellery

Winne expressed her gratitude to Kim Kardashian in an Instagram post stating that she is ‘endlessly grateful’ to Kim Kardashian for her first makeup collaboration along with being a great friend.

In September of 2019, the two teamed up and launched a cosmetic line called KKW X WINNIE. The collection consists of a 12-pan eye shadow palette, a highlighter duo and three lip glosses.

Kim says Harlow is ‘the definition of a true beauty’ and Winnie is someone she admires a lot.