Winnie Harlow twerks up a storm on Jamaica vacation

Fashion model Winnie Harlow has been having a blast on her Jamaica vacation.

The 27-year-old arrived in Jamaica last Thursday (August 19) and has been parish hopping, making stops in Trelawny, St. Ann, Portland and Kingston and St. Andrew.

However her latest stop, in an inner city community in downtown, Kingston has been generating a lot of buzz online.

The fashion model is seen twerking up a storm on a Kingston city side walk to J Capri and Charlie Black’s “Whine and Kotch”.

While it is clear that Harlow is definitely a daughter of the Jamaican soil, showing off her mesmerizing whining skills, it is also clear that Jamaican taxi men are serious about their work as one is seen whizzing by, briefly hiding Harlow from the camera frame.

The route taxi driver’s several seconds of fame was one of the highlights of the video, according to Instagram users who interacted with the short clip.

“Welcome to Jamaica always that taximan to rain on your parade đŸ˜‚,” said one Instagram user.

“Taxi man for you, man nuh business bout gyal a whine a everyday thing that… fare him a defend, ” chimed in another.

According to Harlow, who was born Chantelle Brown-Young, she considers Jamaica her home.

She further said that she was happy to be visiting the island to immerse herself in the culture, dancing, music and food, in addition to visiting family.

Earlier in the week Harlow, visited the Martha Brae river, where she was engaged in rafting.

Both of Harlow’s parents, Lisa Brown and Windsor Young, are Jamaicans who migrated to Canada.

Harlow was born in the Greater Toronto Area.