Wire waist Teejay: Female fans in awe of deejay’s wining ability

There’s been quite a bit of fuss over the ‘slippery’ waistline of dancehall artiste Teejay after he posted a video of himself dancing with Ishawna.

Ishawna and Teejay on set while shooting the music video for Mood.

The two entertainers released a song called Mood on Friday. Most people would expect the discussion to be about the lyrics and melody of the song. Instead, women are raving about Teejay’s waistline.

After posting the video on Friday, one of the first persons to comment was his dancing partner, Ishawna.

“Boy waist a throw a piece a tantrum deh,” she said.

“Me never know a so your waist did slippery.”

— Social media user

She was not the only person with those views.

“Whole time we a “bubble we body fi d uptop boss” when a d uptop boss should be bubbling for us,” one female fan said.

“Me never know a so your waist did slippery,” another added.

Most of the more than 2,000 comments were about Teejay’s flexibility. Some persons also thought he did a better job than his female counterpart. “Teejay wine harder than Ishawna enuh,” one of the more than 150,000 viewers said.