Woii yoii! Fans can’t get enough of Popcaan’s new look

Dancehall artiste, Popcaan

So BUZZ Fam, the beaches and rivers officially opened on Sunday, and guess who was first at the ‘Unruly River’ in St Thomas-the Unruly Boss himself, Popcaan!

Dressed in a reggae coloured mesh marina, black shorts, and a pair of grey shorts, leaning casually against a fall, with an endearing smile the Risky artiste had female fans falling for him all over again.

“What’s life without water?” Popcaan asked his more than 2.1 million followers.

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what is life without water???

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If ever Popcaan doubted his decision to trim his hair, his female fans assured him in that one post that he didnt.

“Poppy out deh a look cute,” a woman wrote.

He even had one woman fighting with the urge to ‘rob the cradle’. “Sir plz I need you to grow back your hair. Cuz yaah go mek mi feel like mi rob the cradle,” she pleaded.

By all accounts Poppy’s ‘thirst trap’ while covered in water worked.

“This looks like a thirst trap lol. Bwoy nice ee man,” another person wrote.