Wonder Woman sequel delayed due to COVID-19

While many parts of the world slowly reopen and allow people to resume some semblance of a normal life, many activities remain restricted due to the high COVID-19 risk associated.

Gal Gadot in the title role of Wonder Woman (Photo: insider.com)

One such is going to the movies, which has prompted Warner Bros. to further delay one of the year’s most hotly anticipated films, Wonder Woman 1984.

1984 the follow up to 2017’s blockbuster Wonder Woman, will now premier on October 2, moving from its August 14 date, adding to a growing slew of films pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Warner has also pushed back the release of its thriller Tenet from July 17 to July 30.

Some US states have started allowing theatres to reopen but there have been no new films to show as companies hold off releases for audiences that remain largely absent so far.

The Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot in the titular role, made US$821 million at the box office.