World Dawg and Kyng Tavii’s feud explained

World Dawg and Kyng Tavii make comical content for a living but there’s nothing funny about their disdain for each other. 

Their tension is documented on the buzzing 876 Roommates reality show and climaxes in an upcoming fight scene which leads to Tavii’s departure from the production. 

Fans of the comedians have been enquiring about the cause for the altercation which both men have linked to Jamaica’s favourite word: badmind. 

In a series of Instagram Live videos last week, World Dawg said he received special treatment because of his brand which brewed contention on the set. 

“Dem a seh how mi a live so different from everybody else but yuh cya compare a Vans to a Gucci,” World Dawg said, a jab to Tavii’s Vans signature.

“If yuh watch the show, mi nah pay him no mind… Mi see the energy and mi nuh go pon the show fi dah energy deh. Him just short of love yah man and then one girl deh a tell mi seh a true him sex the goat and Jamaica beat (him),” World Dawg added.

The latter is in reference to the infamous ‘My Strange Addiction’ ‘goat’ skit Tavii released in 2016.

The skit, a spoof of TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’, showed Tavii’s intimate relationship with a goat which was received by many Jamaicans as animal cruelty and bestiality. 

Though World Dawg said he tried to avoid Tavii during production, the men eventually got into a fist fight which was teased in the show’s trailer.

“Mi have mi same lighter inna mi hand a tump him inna him face a try strike the locs cause as yuh see, every tump him get the lighter strike if yuh watch the video good,” said World Dawg. “I give him a time bomb in his face and dem kick the two a we off a di show and the people dem vote. If the people dem hate mi so much pon the show, why dem vote fi mi come back pon it? Mi get vote on and him get vote out cause the people dem a seh dem nuh like him so mi nuh know how dem go inna di confession room go talk something else.”

He added that he has no regrets about the fight and hopes Tavii won’t be placed beside him on the reunion show. This may not happen as Tavii, in a response video, said he’s finished with the “876” show.

Interestingly, Tavii said all well between himself and World Dawg close to filming as they were corresponding on Instagram and even shook hands upon meeting.

“Before mi meet this bredda mi nuh have nuh bad intentions fi dah bredda yah, mi intentions dem pure bredda… A when mi reach a di ‘678’ mi start fi pree him a way.”

Tavii claimed that unlike the other contestants, he wasn’t a sycophant which he believes kickstarted the problem. 

“Mi nah go run een to nobody because if mi see seh a man nah come to me or link wid me, bredda, fine bro. Mi a go just deh over yah so and mi a go wait pon a dawg acknowledge me a certain way,” said Kyng Tavii

But that backfired.

“During the days dem mi realise seh him a mek some likkle talk, some likkle remarks… Him a mek some reference bout mi Vans bout, ‘Nuh man cya par wid me inna Vans’… Dem likkle code deh him a mek bout mi Vans,” added Kyng Tavii

Tavii said a meeting was called among the contestants to reach a peaceful resolve to continue filming the show. H.e said the recommended strategy was to fake it for the camera.

“Mi seh to everybody first, ‘Weh unno think?’… Di man dem seh, ‘It can work man’ – a di fake energy dis dem a talk bout enuh weh can work,” he said.

But he said things only got worse as the contestants constantly tried to make him look like “the bad guy.” That’s when he decided to leave the show. 

“World b*tch yuh vex cause yuh cya program mi like yuh puppy dem,” he added.

Kyng Tavii said that while he doesn’t envy the comedian, people will see how much of a “dog” World Dawg is when the fight scene is aired.