World Dawg’s ‘Body Challenge’ reposted by rapper Megan Thee Stallion

Online comedian World Dawg has caught the attention of rapper Megan Thee Stallion with his version of the ‘Body Challenge’.

World Dawg did his version of the ‘Body Challenge’ earlier this week. (Photo: Instagram/@world_dawg)

The challenge stems from her recently released single, Body, which sees fans redoing the video choreography and uploading it to social media. Stallion has been reposting the most impressive entries, and World Dawg is the latest to secure a spot on her Instagram profile.

The entertainer uploaded his challenge two days ago wearing his signature face mask, white undershirt, shorts and brown mid-calf boots. It wasn’t quite the choreography Stallion did, it was more like a scene from a cowboy movie which made it more amusing. Stallion posted the video on Wednesday night, and it has been viewed more than two million times, a major boost for the comedian whose upload earned close to 200,000.

“Wait 😂😂😂😂😂,” Stallion captioned, both amused and caught off guard by his delivery.

Mission accomplished

Others had similar comments.

“Idk what I’m more confused about: the mask, the white beater, the basketball shorts or the cowboy boots,” one person said.

“He did it da easy way,” said another.

“It’s the boots for me.”

“He switched that sh*t up, started galloping.”

American media personality and transwoman Ashlee Marie Preston said World Dawg served: “These @lilnasx old town road, burglar vibes tho…”

With Lil Nas coming out as gay in 2019, Preston’s comment did not sit well with a few Jamaicans.

“On behalf of the Jamaican community please remove this ASAP,” came one reply.

“Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” said another.

For World Dawg, it seemed to be a case of mission accomplished. His original post was captioned: “Did Megan call me… mi look good ee.” In his latest post which shows a screenshot of Stallion acknowledging him, he wrote: “Tell u she call mi.”

World Dawg adds to the growing list of men who have taken on the ‘Body Challenge’.