‘World Government’ for Vybz Kartel’s 44th birthday: Shab Don speaks about song’s release

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel turns 44 on Tuesday.

Vybz Kartel turns 44 on Tuesday, and the celebrations will kick off with the release of World Government produced by hit collaborator Linval ‘Shab Don’ Thompson Jr.

Speaking to BUZZ, the meteoric producer shared that he actually thought of releasing the song in December but had a better idea to save it for the ‘Gaza’ principal’s birthday.

“Dropping the song on his birthday a go give the song a good push.”

— Shab Don

“I changed my mind and seh 2019 almost finish so might as well start the year fresh, and dropping the song on his birthday a go give the song a good push and everybody a go support it,” he said.

Winning musical history

World Government takes the perspective of a policy-making Vybz Kartel, who makes his case about changes he would implement if he were head of an elected government.

“It’s a song where him talk about weh him woulda do for the country to stop the crime and help more people from the young to the elders,” Shab Don said. “It’s a good, positive song, and mi know seh it’s gonna be a big song.”

While the world plays his music, Vybz Kartel will celebrate his birthday behind bars.

Shab Don Records and Vybz Kartel have a winning musical history with the 2019 single, Any Weather, being the most successful song from both camps for last year with 25 million YouTube streams alone. Shab Don and the ‘World Boss’ have also collaborated on other notable favourites like Badmind.

Latest rhythm

World Government is also the title track for the latest rhythm from Shab Don Records, set to be released on Friday. The project will feature songs from artistes including Ding Dong, Teejay, Rygin King, Lisa Hyper, Shawn Storm, Simka Rhymes and 6ix members, Squash and Daddy 1.

“This is my first rhythm project for 2020, and I know it will be a good one. The people won’t be disappointed for the long wait, it’s gonna be worth it,” Shab Don said.

Shab Don has produced songs for Squash.

The record label rose to popularity in 2019, providing some of the biggest tunes for the year, including Any Weather, Teejay’s Henne and Weed and Rich Gyal by Chronic Law. Prior to getting his break, Shab Don was active behind some of the trending trap dancehall tracks by Squash and Rygin King, and other music by acts like Popcaan and Masicka. He hopes to continue his winning streak this year and said an album may be in the works.

“I give thanks for the glory and strength of the people and support I get as a new producer, people show mi whole heap of love,” he said. “At every dance and every party, people be snapping to my songs and tag me and I repost them, so I know that the people love my productions and love the work I’m putting out. Everybody is excited to hear what I’m coming with next, and I really appreciate it and give God thanks.”