Xaymaca catching heat for ‘outrageous’ costume prices

‘Level Up’ certainly raised the temperature in the National Indoor Sports Centre during the Xaymaca band launch. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Carnival band Xaymaca has been getting mixed reactions to its costumes after the prices went public online.

After patrons were promised a full reveal at a glamorous launch last Friday, Xaymaca posted its packages late Monday night – and Twitter isn’t too happy, judging from the comments.

According to some Twitter users, Xaymaca’s costumes are ‘too basic’ to be fishing between US$625 for only a monokini and US$1,200 for a full getup when rival band Xodus has much more competitive prices.

The Xodus costumes are generally much cheaper than those being sold by Xaymaca.

Checks made by BUZZ show that Xodus’ premium section, Envy, has frontline costumes starting at US$710.

On the other hand, a few Twitter users weren’t so bothered by Xaymaca’s costume prices expressing surprise they aren’t that much higher than the other bands.