Xaymaca hits the right spot with its beach fete

Like many other patrons, these two danced up a storm at the beach fete.

After revealing several sizzling costumes on Friday, Xaymaca International continued to excite patrons a couple days later at its beach fete.

The event was held at the Morgan’s Harbour Hotel in Port Royal on Sunday, December 1. And get this… patrons entered free with their armbands from the band launch.

There was non-stop fun at the party.

Armed with coolers, patrons turned out in their numbers for what would become an energy-filled party. There was no genre that the music-hungry patrons did not dance to and thoroughly enjoy.

See more pictures from the Xaymaca Beach Fete in the gallery below.

And thanks to the disc jocks – Ovadose, DJ Mindless, Bloodline Franco, DJ Cyclone, DJ Richie Ras, Brush1 Chromatic, Lord Hype, Tony X and Aaron Fingal – patrons certainly had loads of fun.