Xaymaca Pop-Up Lyme takes over downtown

With Jamaica Carnival just ninety-seven days away, Xaymaca International continues to position itself as the band to have the time of your life with.

To ignite the highly anticipated carnival season, the band opened with its teaser Pop Up Lyme- The Street Fete Edition on Saturday (Jan 11) in downtown, Kingston.

Get down, get down! (Photo: Chevaughn Hibbert/BUZZ)

It was a night filled with high energy, rum, vibrancy and a colourful celebration coupled with electrifying soca beats that saw hundreds of revellers flocking the venue.

Cause when we roll, We no roll alone (Photo: Chevaughn Hibbert/BUZZ)

Combined with an infectious vibe of its partygoers, a sprinkle of dancehall and a whole lot of partying, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Xaymaca International, Andrew Bellamy shared with BUZZ that the Xaymaca brand is on a mission to redesign the carnival experience by merging the various social classes.

“We have actually blocked a road downtown, we have brought people from middle class and uptown all the way come downtown. We are trying to change that stigma.

We are on Water Lane where you can see all the art that has been done on the walls. So, we are fusing the Jamaican culture with the soca. We are trying to enhance the experience for Kingston and for the same time kickstart the carnival season,” he told BUZZ.

“Between last year and now, the Kingston and St.Andrew Municipal Corporation installed the wonderful brick roadway, they have added more murals. The place is looking much more sexy and representing the creatives that exist within Jamaica and that ties in with what carnival is about and we just made use of an opportunity of that,” he added.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Xaymaca International, Andrew Bellamy (Photo: Shaquiel Brooks/BUZZ)


Though the band is barely two years old, having started January 2017, the band is indisputably known for its unique and exciting events that have enabled it to earn its stripes on the carnival scene.

Brush1 Chromatic with the carnival anthem. (Photo: Chevaughn Hibbert/BUZZ)

Bellamy shared that Xaymaca is an experience like no other and patrons should expect bigger things this year and crave their series of events leading up to the big day – Road March.

“Big things! We are coming big again for the road and we have a couple lead up events,” he told BUZZ.

He gave us an exclusive insight on one of their newest events dubbed as Sweet Soca, a special Valentine’s edition for love birds to enhance the carnival experience.

“On February 15th  we have an event called Sweet Soca and this is really going to be a play on Valentine’s. We will be encouraging couples to come out and have a more unorthodox soca party, which we will announce next week,” he said ecstatically.

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