Xyclone hoping for a hit with ‘Boom’ single

Dancehall artiste Xyclone is hoping he has a hit on his hands with his latest single Boom.

It’s a hope that is quickly materialising into reality, as the song is already trending in the Caribbean and the US.

Boom, produced by Shotty Shane Productions and Slym from Black Ops’ Music, is the entertainer’s newest girls-inspired tune that has been raking in rave reviews since it dropped in January.  

The single has been trending on social media platform TikTok, with Boom also popular among Instagram users and other online content makers, who are often seen lip-syncing to the tune. 

Boom is just about bringing amusement to the females. It’s refreshing to hear something other than gun, killing and scamming in Dancehall music. I believe the females appreciate it because they have been starving for more of songs like this,” Xyclone explained.

Xyclone, whose breakout hit Back Pocket Rag was released in 2012, is not surprised by the response to the new single as he believes the industry needed a track like this right now.

Signed to a new management team, SG Records, and Jaus Col Entertainment, Xyclone believes he is now ready to continue giving the people what they want musically through his unique vocal delivery and image.

Xyclone is now preparing visuals for the single, which will be released later this month.