Yanique Curvy Diva’s Daughter finally revealed

Twins! Yanique Curvy Diva’s daughter is finally revealed

There has always been some mystique surrounding entertainer Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva’s daughter. While other Jamaican celebrities have posted photos with or of their children, the Lifestyle singer has done a good job keeping Jada Marie out of the spotlight. 

The fascination was fed on Tuesday night (June 8) when Jada Marie decided to reveal her face on Instagram Live for the first time. She was celebrating her 20th birthday and entertained a brief Q&A session on her platform @thejadoremarie. The most pertinent question was why she doesn’t show her face online. 

Why go live?

“Mek mi tell unno why mi nuh post,” she started. “Yuh see sometimes I just feel like I would have to do too much to post and before Mommy used to say, ‘Yow, don’t post and stuff’ because you know she was trying to protect me from like, all the negativity even though nothing nuh wrong wid me and ting enuh but mi just never did really waan exposed but now, me inna myself just nuh waan do it. Mi just nuh waan post. Mi just nuh like IG like that.”

Jada Marie still has no posts on her Instagram account of more than 6000 followers

It’s not an exaggeration. When her mother (who is currently overseas) celebrated her birthday in April, the pair went to the Ocean Coral Spring resort which Yanique shared via Instagram Story. In one clip, Yanique was being given a massage by her daughter who made it known that she didn’t want to be filmed. Yanique respected her wishes and ensured her face wasn’t captured. 

So why go Live?

“I never show myself, I still don’t want to show myself,” she explained. “I just showing my face cause it’s kinda late right now. A true nuff people nuh really a join right now so mi just hurry and go Live.”

Almost 200 of her 6000-plus followers watched as she answered more questions. The run-down: she scoffed when asked if she’s in a relationship, revealed she’s in school, and rejected any idea that she enjoys a celebrity lifestyle. 

“Mi just nuh waan post. Mi just nuh like IG like that.”

— Jada Marie

She’s also a beaut so the mom-comparisons were justified.

“I feel like it’s cause they don’t know how my father look (why) dem always say that… I don’t look like mommy, I really don’t.”

As far as her career aspirations, “You know when people ask mi this question I always tell them successful,” she stated. 

After getting “tired” of herself, the social media anomaly ended the Live to resume her birthday festivities.