Yellowman denounces domestic abuse in new song with daughter

Dancehall artiste Yellowman is denouncing domestic violence against women in a new single, Rise and Fall, a collaboration with his daughter K’reema. The reggae track, which unfolds on Collie Buddz’s Cali Roots rhythm, bears the silky cries of K’reema who cautions against yielding to domestic abuse because of its irreversible consequences. Yellowman seconds this warning, while reminding listeners of the virtue the female.

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“My daughter did come to me with the idea but Collie Buddz did approach us and seh him want two of us on the rhythm,” he told BUZZ. “We both came up with our part and mi seh mi a go dweet in a way to speak up for women cause mi daughter is a woman. So when you listen to my part you’ll hear me seh ‘Stop the violence ‘gainst woman’.”

Murders stemming from domestic violence have haunted Jamaica in recent years, and continues to be a concern in 2020 with the murder of 26-year-old Nevia Sinclair, and the murder-suicide of St Catherine residents Suianne Easy and Jamaica Defence Force corporal Doran McKenzie.

“My daughter is like me; she love weh she a do, love the music and love the entertainment so with her it’s easier.”

– Yellowman

The veteran deejay said using his platform to address social issues has always been important to him.

“People have been loving this song and what I try to do nowadays is do songs with a message which I’ve been doing for a long while but a lot of people never tek it that way,” he said. “Even with mi song Mr Chin (1982), mi seh ‘mi cya get nuh flour inna brown paper bag, all I see is the plastic bag’…and now dem a ban plastic.”

He also used the proposed extension of the United States-Mexico barrier as inspiration for another song, Border, featuring Desmond Brown and Ganesh. The song forms part of his 2019 album, No More War, produced and primarily authored by K’reema.

Yellowman described the creative process with his daughter as a breeze.

“My daughter is like me; she love weh she a do, love the music and love the entertainment so with her it’s easier. Mi nah fi do much work when I’m working with her – only on stage.”

The two also released the collaboration Father’s Love in 2016.