Yellowman says COVID-19 is a hoax

Dancehall heavyweight Yellowman is more than sceptical about the COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted the world for several months. In fact, he believes it’s all a lie.

Dancehall artiste Yellowman (Photo:

“The pandemic is a lie, it’s a cover up,” Yellowman told BUZZ. “Every government all over the world who is in alliance with America, dem haffi do weh America do. Yuh see America a tek time open up and den government out here a tek time open up? It’s because dem finish do weh dem a do. Fi dem objective is to prepare for the Antichrist and I don’t think the Antichrist a come, dem just a use that, dat a one a di cover up.”

As the world grapples with reducing cases of the coronavirus, the issue of racial crimes has again reared its head since the killing of African American George Floyd. The Minneapolis resident died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes. The killing, which was caught on video, has ignited riots, protests and even fires as people rally against racial injustice and police brutality. But Yellowman also believes this was part of an organised plan to deceive and distract.

“All of them things deh is provocation that wilfully and spitefully coordinate cause when it a gwaan the same thing a happen inna Germany, France, Italy, all over, so it’s just a bait fi black people cause dem know that this did a go gwaan,” he said. “Everything was planned. The corona, everything. If you don’t mind sharp…dem start another one.”

Prior to the disruption of the live entertainment scene, the Zungguzungguguzungguzeng star was readying to complete the second leg of his promotional tour for his 2019 album No More War. The 14-track set was produced and primarily authored by his daughter, K’reema Foster, and released on her Yellow Baby Records imprint.

“As this thing ease up and everything comes back to normal, which I hope happens before the year done, mi do mi tour and start accept bookings again. That is what everybody is waiting on. But one thing I can’t do is sing with a mask on my mouth so mi nuh know how it a go work with them it better work.”