Yeza and Roots Percussionist at Sunday Live today!

She hails from a special lane in Bull Bay and he’s a background vocalist for arguably the world’s biggest Reggae band. 

Yeza and Roots Percussionist will be bringing some real fire to this week’s staging of Sunday Live. Get ready for some soothing vocals with this duo. The show starts at 1:00 pm and runs for two hours. 

The concert, which is to be hosted by Issia Thelwell, will be live-streamed on and on BUZZ Caribbean‘s Facebook page.

Here’s a closer look at the performers:



It’s no coincidence that this beautiful yet militant empress was born and raised on a lane named ‘Star of the East’, located in the East Kingston Community of 8 mile, Bull Bay.

Born Monique Chambers, she goes by the stage name YEZA, derived from the word Yezambique which means strength and resilience in Swahili. 

For Yeza, Africa is her major influence.

Yeza lives by her own spiritual and cultural rules and she’s not afraid to be sexy and sensual. Many have dubbed her the ‘Lyrical Lioness’ or ‘Rebel Empress’ due to her lyricism, effortless melodies, strong stage presence and versatility as an artiste.

Roots Percussionist

Roots Percussionist

Born Hector Lewis, “Roots Percussionist”  is a percussionist, drummer and music educator. Currently, he is the background vocalist and percussionist for arguably the world’s biggest Reggae band, Chronixx and ZincFence Redemption. Roots Percussionist is a two-time Grammy-nominated musician, and is endorsed by Regal Drumsticks of the United States as well as Tycoon Percussion in Thailand. 

Beginning in 2016, Roots Percussionist headlined tours around the world alongside the critically-acclaimed Chronixx & Zincfence Redemption, performing in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. 

At the very nucleus of his unique sound, which explores genres such as Latin, Reggae, African, Punk, Rock, Pop, Bouyon, Calypso and Dancehall, is Rastafarianism culture – the connection between past and present and the celebration of the human spiritual experience. 

 Roots Percussionist believes in music’s ability to heal and connect.