Yeza refuses to hide her femininity

Yeza also has an edgy side.

Don’t be fooled by her curves and sexy attire. Jamaican entertainer Yeza is a rebel on a mission led by femininity.

“I’ve grown to respect my place in nature as feminine energy. Sexy is a valid part of feminine energy that I’m not ashamed of or will try to hide,” she explained. 

“Sexy is a valid part of feminine energy.”

— Yeza

Yeza describes her music as a reflection of her as a person – contemporary, edgy, confident and filled with flair.

“It’s also roots and culture which I care deeply about as a history major, but it’s also street,” she said

The entertainer has a passion for music, and through this passion, she wants to enlighten her fans about African history.

“I have a genuine passion for helping the advancement of African people worldwide who have been bamboozled by eurocentrism. I feel I can bridge the generational gap or make conscious message appealing to the younger generation,” the 29-year-old said.

With her love for Africa, it was not a shocker when she hopped on to Afro B’s Drogba instrumental for a ‘refix’ titled Give It To Dem.

Yeza is proud of her African heritage.

“With my love for the catchy and infectious vibe of afrobeat, my team suggested I try it out, so I gave it a shot,” she shared.

The track, which was released on February 28, is accompanied by a playful music video that can be seen on Yeza’s YouTube channel.

Going forward, Yeza is also promising to show fans different layers of her, starting with collaborations with Warrior King and Tuff Like Ion.