Yohan Blake the movie star? Sprinter wants to become an actor

We learn something new every day, and now we’re finding out that Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake would like to become an actor.

Yohan Blake watches eight movies per day.

Yes, BUZZ fam. The second-fastest man in the world wants to enter the movie industry.

“I am a very good actor I would say.”

— Yohan Blake

“I am thinking about going into the movie industry,” Blake said during an Instagram Live interview on The Zipcode on Wednesday.

“I am a very good actor I would say. I would love to act.”

Jamaican athlete Yohan Blake

Blake also disclosed that he watches as much as eight movies per day. Yes, eight!

“I watch eight movies every day. I used to watch like 10, but I have a girlfriend now, so I have to cut it down and spend more time with her,” said Blake, who is currently dating Laura Pearson.

Here’s another interesting fact: Blake love Kung Fu movies. He even admitted that Kung Fu movies put him to bed every night.