Young M.A shows off classic J’can ‘heel and toe’ dance move

Rapper Young M.A recently used Instagram to show that she isn’t new to dancehall culture.

The rapper it turns out can not only spit on a microphone but is a big dancer, proficient in the classic ‘heel and toe’ dance.

The ‘Ooouuu’ artiste demonstrated her ‘heel and toe’ move for the cameras, as Mr Vegas’ ‘Heads High’ played in the background.

“Stop playin with my body!!! Hello!! (dancing emojis) we need them chunes back!! brukup! Heel Toe” she wrote below the video uploaded to the social media platform.

This drew reactions from a number of persons including Mr Vegas who responded with “how yuh mean!!!! Wheel and come again.

Vegas later shared the post on his own account with the caption “Buss A Dance” while tagging Young M.A in the process.

Safaree also got in on the act when he dropped a slew of emojis as well.

This however drew a reaction from Young M.A who responded in her best Jamaican with “wah gwaan”.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda, whose no stranger to the Jamaican culture and whose father is Jamaican, dropped some fire emojis.

Young M.A herself is a child of a Jamaican parent, her mother, which may have provided her with the adeptness to the Jamaican vibe.