Young Thug backtracks after saying Jay-Z fans can’t recite 30 songs

Are Young Thug’s songs more memorable than Jay-Z’s? Young Thug seems to think so.

Rapper Young Thug

According to the rapper, Jay-Z fans could not recite 30 of his songs, like fans can with his own tunes.

“Jay-Z ain’t got 30 songs like that…where the whole stadium finna sing,” said Young Thug.

Young Thug made the statement which aroused the ire of the Hip Hop community while speaking on Gillie Da Kid’s “‎Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast on Tuesday.


Thug’s statement didn’t go down well with host Gillie, who threw some subtle shade of his own, when he said, “he got a lot, though,” alluding to Jay-Z’s catalogue which spans over two decades.

The 29-year-old rapper immediately went into damage control mode, suggesting that he wasn’t speaking specifically about Jay-Z but was using him as an example of older rap artistes that he’d seen perform, where the majority of the crowd couldn’t sing along. 

Thug who has since apologised for his comments surrounding Jay-Z.

Young Thug, born Jeffrey Lamar Williams, previously caught flak from social media users when he insulted Andre 3000 of the pioneering rap group OutKast saying he “never paid attention to him.”