Your highness? Macka Diamond gets her foot kissed

Dancehall artiste, Macka Diamond

Dancehall singjay Macka Diamond has often said she is not interested in having any “Queen” title as it relates to dancehall, but it doesn’t mean she can’t be treated like one in other aspects of her life. 

The entertainer was recently minding her business when upcoming singer Kapa Shanti bowed before her and kissed her foot. 

The moment was captured via video which she shared online today.

The person recording the video seemed to know what was going to happen as the video started recording before Shanti entered the room.

Macka was on her phone when he entered. 

“Macka Diamond, wow, pleasure to meet you,” he said. 

He told the camera person, “You have to record this man, this is a special moment.

This lady is a queen and she deserves to be treated like a queen. Your highness?”

Macka, seemingly caught off guard, responded, “Stop it. What’s this?”

That’s when he knelt and said, “Gimmie your foot, pretty foot.”

She resisted while laughing. “A wah dis man?” she asked. “It cya come off, yuh nuh see it lock.”

He insisted, reaching for her foot and untying the lace, and removing her sneaker.
“A wah him a do? Why yuh a tek off mi shoes? Mi foot cold. Oh my God.”

He then raised her naked foot, staring at it in awe for a few seconds before kissing it four times.

She collapsed on the armrest in laughter, only having the words to say “Oh my God.”

Most folks find the whole situation funny, and many are lauding Shanti for treating the artist like royalty. 

“You deserve it my queen,” one fan declared.

“He was in the presence of royalty.”

“Dem can’t seh no man never bow down and kiss yuh size 10 yet…”

“Weh yuh think miss? He was gonna eat yuh big toe? Tek foot kissing queen.”