‘Your husband might be in your DMs’, says Warren Weir

Life is short, check your DMs. At least this is Warren Weir’s advice to women who may be looking for that special someone.

Warren Weir with his fianceé Alexan Stewart

“Answer your DM dem when di man dem talk to unno cause you don’t know who you might meet,” the athlete said in a recent vlog. “Memba people nuh meet people a road again enuh, especially wid di COVID-19. Your husband might just be in your DMs.”

Weir’s suggestion accompanies the story of how he met beau Alexan Stewart, and of course, it started in the DM in 2014. Nothing progressed as Weir discovered she had a boo thang, but he tried his luck when she became single and ultimately got her number. After weeks of dry, small talk, the universe intervened.

Warren Weir proposing to Alexan in 2019

“I was driving my mom’s car to school (UTECH)…I’m at the stoplight now and when I look over, him a drive pass so our eyes make four so I looked at my phone,” Stewart said.

“Why yaa hide me out?” Weir was on the line, in typical Jamaican style.

He was en route to pick up another car so they agreed to meet after her class when she had returned her mother’s whip.

“I ended up meeting you at your mother’s office…and I don’t know where I found so much faith inna dis girl weh mi nuh know…I found faith in this girl to drive my car…I picked her up, then we picked up my other car and drove to my yard.”

His home would serve as their primary chill spot as they sought privacy while first testing their compatibility through friendship.

“The Jamaica stigma is if people see unno out together, unno a f**K, not date…” Weir said.

“We did all our pars or dates at his house, so if we went for lunch we ordered food and then we carried it to his house and then we used to play video games,” added Stewart. “Him used to mek me watch all of his track videos because at that time I wasn’t very familiar with the track…”

They maintained their privacy even when they started going to public events, by bringing several friends and arriving separately. Though Stewart said it was challenging keeping up this appearance, she made it work.

“I just knew that he had a little limelight on him at the moment and I just didn’t want to be a part of it if I was gonna be making an exit soon.”

That moment almost came when the pair went to a hotel, only to be surprised by management with an upgraded honeymoon suite because of course, it’s Warren Weir.

“I wasn’t going expecting nothing,” he said. “When she a bathe mi try come out a di room cause mi never did a try do nothing like dat, it was just to chill.”

But Stewart was still uncomfortable, and his food-smacking was the dealbreaker.

“When he started doing it I texted my friends that we used to go out with like, ‘yow I can’t do this’.”

She ignored him for several weeks (though her parents were egging them on) but with Weir’s persistence, she eventually gave him another shot.

And in true happily ever fashion, the couple welcomed a baby girl last month.