“You’re going to be mine”: Kranium professes his love for Shaneil Muir

Dancehall artistes Shaneil Muir (left) Kranium (right)

Awwww BUZZ Fam, it looks like dancehall artiste Kranium got a thing for dancehall’s ‘Top Gyal’ Shaniel Muir, and he’s not being shy about it either.

During a recent Instagram Live with the two, Kranium took the opportunity to pour out his heart to the Yamabella artiste.

Kranium told Muir that he was captivated the first time he saw her and knew that she will one day be his love.

“Yuh ever hear di song, ‘My God is an awesome God…?’ Well when mi see yuh that’s the first song weh come to me mind. And the greatest thing about it, 15 years from now people a go say, ‘I witnessed that sh*t, mi never know seh a love can last that long’,” he said.

“At the end of the day, yaa go end up be mine regardless so might as well you just mek sure seh it work smoothly.” he told Muir.

Not convinced

“I think you’re a beautiful girl, I think your full of vibes, me think me and you would hold a dope vibe,” he said. “Remember when me and yuh married and we have kids in the future mi a tell yuh you’re gonna look back on this day and seh, ‘I never knew this could have been real’…and me a go look pon yuh and tell yuh, ‘Babes mi did tell yuh enuh’.”

But Shaneil was who thought Kranium’s love profession quite amusing, was not convinced. She labelled the Can’t Believe artiste’s words as mere “lyrics”.

“It’s not about convincing,” Kranium responded. “When somebody a try convince dat mean dem a try lie. I’m not trying to lie, I’m here to speak the truth so my heart can be free so even if you don’t believe me that’s fine. At least mi man up and tell her exactly how mi feel so if she believe it, she believe it. If she don’t believe it, that’s fine.”