‘You’re wrong, Shebada’: Entertainers comment on actor’s criticism of beaten teen

Entertainers ZJ Sparks and Ce’Cile “understand” the recent arguments made by actor Shebada about a beaten teen, however, there’s a “but”.


The ZIP 103FM personality reposted a clip of Shebada saying 17-year-old Kaylan Dowdie “poked the bear” by arguing with women at an illegal party, and that she was too young to be there in the first place. The clip was taken from an Instagram Live last week where he said the young lady deserved to be beaten up by a group of women at the event.

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“I understand what Shebada is saying, however, I cannot agree with how things ensued,” ZJ Sparks said. “You can stare and argue and nuh haffi resort to violence. Having resorted to that base animal instinct, what we now have is a mother in pain, a young woman who could die and 6 women who may possibly face prison time. Many issues at play and we as a society need to do introspection and analysis and be honest with ourselves.”

ZJ Sparks

Since his statements, Shebada has lost more than 9,000 Instagram followers. Dowdie, meanwhile, is still in critical condition at the hospital.


Singjay Ce’Cile chimed in on the post and said that while she understood his reasoning “to a point”, it was ill-timed.

“Verbal and physical is not the same…no matter what she said,” the singer said. “We need fi stop the mentality if a gal look pon me a certain way me a go beat her kill her…no no no..not to mention this gang up bizniz…it wrong. We can have the other conversation about why she is 17 and out at a party in a pandemic another time…its just not a ‘now’ conversation and certainly not when she is battling for her life.”

She added: “Di oman dem wrong no matter what…and this is what we need to teach others with this mentality/ thinking.. caz we done now this is not a one-off thing…it can and will happen again….”

Still cancelled

Despite the women showing some understanding of Shebada’s inflammatory views, the actor is still “cancelled” to many social media users.


“I’m happy you guys understand, however I’m not trying to understand what he is saying,” said one user. “Instead of trying to defend what he said he should have came with an apology!! What he said is distasteful and inhumane!! Cancel him!!”

“So an individual is fighting for her life and she’s being blamed for attending a party. Her age is being questioned,” said another. “It’s a sad time for human existence when violence is lauded and victims are being blamed.”

“All mi know mi cah look pon shibby the same way again. Neva know mi cudda stop like him but him hurt mi spirit badddd,” one person said.

Another added: “I never know me even did a follow him! Me just kindly go check, just in case I was and alas! Me kindly take back me follow!”

A few users showed support for Shebada’s stance, while others suggested that he’ll be embraced in short order.

“Tomorrow happenings and him number gone right back up…people have short memory. People can only do what you allow and people have been allowing Shebada so what’s new. He will be alright until further notice.”