‘Yuh better move’: Popcaan doesn’t want pornstar to call his name

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has sounded a strong warning after an American pornstar made reference to him in a recent podcast.

Popcaan performing at Unruly Fest in December.

On Thursday morning, a few days after he was referred to as a ‘Canadian rapper’ on a show called Thots Next Door, Popcaan broke his silence.

In a video posted on Instagram, he said: “How me just wake up and fresh so though? By the way, p*ss up mouth gal, watch how yaa call man b****cl**t name. Real authentic yaad man dis, look pon mi good. Yuh better move.”

The caption for the video was: “YAAD REP🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 a nuh B****c***t DOM REP🤣🤣 me unruly them unu done har fimme dey!!”

“Real authentic yaad man dis, look pon mi good.”

— Popcaan

Popcaan was responding to episode two of Thots Next Door. In that video, host Celina Powell and her friend Aliza were speaking to rapper Chief Keef’s babymother, Slim Danger, who is an adult actress and pornographic model. During the discussion, they said that Jamaican entertainer Popcaan was a Canadian rapper, who was signed to Drake’s OVO label.

In addition to claims about Popcaan, Slim Danger also made strong allegations against NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. (Photo: Instagram @thareal_slimdanger)

Slim Danger went a bit further, claiming that Popcaan chose another girl over her.

“Let me tell you supm, you played me trying to act like you was going with the other b__ch and you know you want this squirt p***y,” she said, declaring that she didn’t care about his relationship status.

The video also went viral because Slim Danger also made ‘nasty’ sexual claims about popular NFL player Odell Beckham Jr.