Yyyyy: Popcaan reacts to little sister wanting to join OnlyFans

Dancehall artiste Popcaan (left) Unruly Squid (right)

The popular adult entertainment online subscription service, OnlyFans attracted many people during quarantine after their sources of income were threatened or put on pause.

The temptation of making easy money online also attracted dancehall artiste Popcaan’s little sister and manager, Annalecia Sutherland, popularly known as Unruly Squid.

In an Instagram post, dressed in black lingerie, sexy shorts, and leaning over in a seductive pose, Squid teased that she might be ready to join OnlyFans. “Entertainment business nah keep me a go join onlyfans yaah man!.” she captioned the photo.

Popcaan immediately responded to the post and jokingly commented, “what is this?” and tagged Unruly Cuz, clearly confused as to what is going on.

In the end, it was all good-natured fun between siblings as Squid responded to Popcaan, asking him to give her some space and let her do her thing. She responded: “pops Lowe mi nuh cho!!!!”