Zac Jone$ teams up with Agent Sasco for “Miss Jamaica” music video

US-based, Jamaican born rapper, Zac Jone$ has dropped an impressive, timely music video, Miss Jamaica, which features popular dancehall artiste Agent Sasco.

The video release comes at a time when women are at the centre of attention. Since the start of the year, the country has been stained with the death of three women stemming from domestic violence. The video seeks to address the attitudes of men towards women.

The song, which explores the beauty and cultural dynamics of the island’s fourteen parishes, encapsulates a never-seen musical wanderlust unapologetically empowering women.

In an interview, Zac shared that the concept of the song though in the pipeline for some time conflates with the social ills that have been plaguing the country and offers a positive message.

“Conceptually the messages in the song and video have always been about this. This has been three years in the making. The fact that we’re still in a similar position as it relates to women’s rights says a lot.

“Especially with all the violent killings of women by men that have been going on recently, I think the message is extremely important and this is one of the best times to share it,” he told BUZZ.

He advanced his point to say that women are jewels and are an immediate representation of the country that gave birth to the song.

“I want people to understand that women are royalty and must be treated like it and that all our women are beautiful in their own way and are all Miss Jamaicas… even if she doesn’t mean that to you,” he added.

Miss Jamaica is produced by a fast-rising Jamaican dancehall artiste and music producer, Iotosh and is co-directed by Jesse Suchomel, along with Jone$.

The video reveals a picturesque display of the island that leaves a visually appealing image in our minds.

Zac shared with us in an exclusive interview that the collaboration came to life after Sasco fell in love with the riddim (rhythm) of the Miss Jamaica track.

“I was introduced to Sasco about 2 days after Iotosh and I had made the riddim for Miss Jamaica. I remember going with the intention of getting him on a song for my upcoming project ‘MAN A YAARD’ but the 4-5 beats I had in mind didn’t fully connect with him. Right as we were leaving though, I decided to play one more for him which was the MISS JAMAICA riddim and told him the idea and he connected with the vision from there,” he told BUZZ.

 “It took a while for us to actually record it because we had to do some more work on the riddim first but he always kept his word. He’s a legend in the game but very humble and real; I’ve learnt a lot from him,” he added.