ZJ Chrome under fire for tweet slamming Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion

Spinning the heat on ZIP, ZJ Chrome is stoking the flames of backlash on Twitter for a controversial statement this weekend, BUZZ fam. (Photo: Instagram @ZJChrome)

Popular Jamaican disc-jock ZJ Chrome is facing heavy backlash on Friday (August 14) for a tweet in which he insinuated that mainstream female rappers were encouraging women listeners to glamourise sex for monetary gain.

According to the ZJ, who singled out WAP artistes Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, many younger women are reportedly buying into the message as he surmised the rappers are negatively influencing the upcoming generation.

“Big woman thing beat me if u want but… Cardi, Megan and the rest a female rappers only encourage this generation to “SELL”…and a lot are buying it…pretty soon they will switch up then say they’ve grown & they got kids…but yet influenced a whole generation,” the badly written, two-faced tweet argued.

The flawed, borderline misogynistic tone of the tweet was picked up quickly by Jamaican Twitter users, who took ZJ Chrome for his own spin on the turntables of women’s rights and hypocrisy.

Users reminded the seasoned producer that he is behind many of the most successful dancehall riddims, some of which have glorified the use of drugs, gun violence and sexual promiscuity.

After the first wave of criticisms, ZJ Chrome urged fellow Twitter users to not label his statement as “a sex thing” and “miss the point”—but Jamaicans on the social media platform continued to decimate his replies and mentions.

Working in a genre that outright promotes the degrading of women, the Twitterati was not amused by the disc-jock’s ‘think-piece’, which seemingly waded a bit too deep into a song about sexual banter among females.

There are those who agreed with the controversial statement, adding that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion should set a better example for their younger listeners.

Born Shaun Chabal, ZJ Chrome is considered by many to be a staple within the local dancehall fraternity as a talented producer as well as ZIP 103 FM, where he sits as senior music director.