10 best places to hear gossip

You may be wondering if this is a thing, but believe me, it is. Some people do not like to frequent places that are quiet, peaceful and serene since they cannot hear any tea being spilt or learn other people’s business, even if they have no clue who those other people are.

There’s usually a lot of talking at beauty salons.

Some people live for the drama and excitement of hearing which unmarried Christian is pregnant, who has a new married boyfriend and who stole from their employer and now has to find another gig because they got fired. They either pretend to be engrossed in their phones or a magazine, but they are savouring the flavour of every word being doled out in their presence.

I believe talking about people in front of others regardless of if they know them or not is tacky and unprofessional, but that is just me. Some love it, and if they feel comfortable enough, will even join in and share their own stories about similar persons and similar situations.

So, if you are so inclined, the following places are the best places to eavesdrop or hear juicy gossip about society’s elite. One should note, however, that half the time the stories are recounted by third and fourth parties which means that, just like in the game ‘Chinese telephone’, they have added and subtracted bits and pieces to make it even more incredible and dramatic. Happy listening!

Believe it or not, a lot of tea gets split in barbershops.

1. Barbershop. This is where some men sit and discuss and gripe about their women and their past women.

2. Community bar. Alcohol has loosened many a lip.

3. Beauty salon. The way they so freely discuss the client that just left should have you wondering if you are discussed in a similar manner as soon as you step through the door.

4. The nail Tech. Not the single person place, but the larger ones that have all the work stations lined up in a row, so the acoustics are nice and loud

5. Restaurant. Whether it be a quick service or ‘mom and pop shop’, I once heard a full-blown pre-marriage counselling session being conducted inside of a KFC one Sunday!

6. Any government office. Once it a place where transactions involve long lines and lengthy sitting around and waiting, people are likely to start talking.

7. Tenement yard. Yes, they still exist; any place where there is communal living and people watching other people’s comings and goings.

8. JUTC bus. Some stories you hear on the bus, you do not even want to get off when you get to your stop.

9. Robot taxi. Same scenario as the bus, but here, because the crowd is smaller the stories maybe even more salacious and you hate to leave before they get to the end.

10. Church! Yes, I said it. Who knows people’s business like church people?!