10 common New Year’s resolutions

It’s often common to start the year with some goals that we want to work towards, in hopes of bettering ourselves.

It’s the first week of the New Year and everyone is gung ho about creating resolutions that will enhance their lives. We all have things we want to work on to improve our mind, body and bank account so we are gearing up to begin our campaign for version ‘2.0’ of ourselves.

Since incremental improvements are what we seek, it stands to reason that oftentimes we share similar goals, even if we tweak them a bit over time.

Check out our list of the most recurrent New Year’s objectives and let us know if yours made the list:

1. Travel: Pandemic or not, people still want to explore. The good thing people are now discovering hidden gems closer to home.

Travelling is often a resolution that many make, see the world beyond their borders.

2. Weight loss: Whether five or 50 pounds, most of us want to shed some weight and the sooner the better.

3. Eat healthier: Note to self: a chocolate bar is not considered a fruit.

4. Secure a better paying job: If you can barely cover your expenses, it may be time to move on.

A better job with a better salary is the hope of many entering another year.

5. Find a side hustle: No one ever says no to extra cash.

6. Learn to play an instrument: You may just find you have a knack for it.  

7. Go back to school: Whether it be to do some CXCs or to tackle the rigours of a degree, as adults sometimes we feel compelled to get back in the classroom, albeit a virtual one.

Furthering one’s education is a common aim as people look to the future.

8. Learn a new language: Expanding our horizons with this kind of skill can lead to so many opportunities.

9. Have more family time: No one ever said they should have worked more. Instead, they lament that they did not spend more time with their children or ageing parents.

10. Learn to manage your emotions in a healthier manner:  Anger management or just being a better human being are goals many of us should strive to achieve for our own sake as well as those who have to share space with us.