10 crazy things people do to prevent cheating

It’s a tale as old as time, one which is found everywhere, even in the Bible. Wandering loins and limbs can lead to some sticky situations and, as a result, many people who may have insecurities will go to some extreme measures to mitigate it because ‘bun’ nuh nice!

Insecurities in relationships can lead to issues of trust and paranoia.

A recent conversation with friends about how they ensure that their partners are faithful left many laughing and a few flabbergasted as to the levels some people will go to stop cheating. Whether they are actually successful is another matter entirely. Wish them well in their endeavours and peruse the list below.

1. Smell their partner when they come home:  Some people swear they can smell ‘sex’ on a person. Could it just be sweat? We are after all living in a tropical region.

2. Check their private parts and underwear: They come home and at right at the door they have to drop it and stand spread-eagle.

3. Changing phone numbers of people whose motives you are unsure of in your  mate’s phone so calls, texts and midnight calls for ‘help’ don’t go through.

4. Ask them to video call you to see their immediate surroundings and who they are out with.

5. Tracker their phone: Beware of those apps, my friend.

6. Staking out their workplace to see who they are leaving with and where they go.

7. Checking the gas mileage on the car to see if they have made any ‘detours’ on the way home.

 8. Timing their partner from when they are supposed to clock out at work to when they actually reach home.

9. Calling friends to verify they are actually out with them and then turning up ‘coincidentally’.

10. Preventing them from having friends of the opposite sex. Only family members are acceptable and no distant ‘cousins’

Disclaimer: None of these measures is fool proof in preventing cheating. The BUZZ team highly recommends you have open conversations with your partner if you have doubts, or find a relationship where your peace of mind doesn’t leave each time they do.