10 LOX ditches labels: Artiste says he has a fresh new sound

Recording artiste 10 LOX believes that musical labels are no longer relevant as millennial artistes are fusing a variety of popular genres to create a new sound.

Recording artiste 10 LOX
Recording artiste 10 LOX

“Most of the music that’s hot and getting airplay in Jamaica today cannot be classified as reggae or dancehall. It’s a fusion of dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat and R&B. How can you put a label on that?” asked 10 LOX.

“I honestly think that there’s still a place for dancehall music and reggae. However, these genres will never regain the same level of popularity they once enjoyed because the youths don’t want to listen to that type of music anymore. It’s for the older folks.”

“My sound is a melting pot of all the great Jamaican musical genres.”

— 10 LOX

 As a result, 10 LOX says he’s coming with a fresh new sound.

“My sound is a melting pot of all the great Jamaican musical genres, including reggae, dancehall and dub along with hip hop and some R&B flavour. It’s a new age kinda vibe,” he said.

The Kingston born singjay is currently promoting his debut single, titled Ova Tek. The song that was produced by Travellah Records and Quantanium was released on May 9 while the accompanying music video was released on August 7.

Meanwhile, 10 LOX is also working on a seven-track EP, titled 10 Dread, which will be released in November. The EP will feature production work from several new producers, including Quantanium, Travellah Records, K9, Big Yard Studio, DGO and veteran producer Ralston ‘Rallo’ Barrett.