10 reasons people stay in bad relationships

People in bad relationships often find themselves staying on for longer than they should for a number of reasons.

You happen to glance at the calendar and realise your anniversary is right around the corner. Instead of feeling filled with joy, it evokes feelings of dread. You’ll have to suffer through another day of well-wishes and greetings from family and friends when deep down you know that you’re miserable and would like nothing better that to skip the day altogether.

It’s an unfortunate fact but many couples get trapped in unions that bring them no joy or satisfaction, forcing them through the motions of living. They wake up and barely have a conversation and if the home is large enough, they sleep in separate beds, rarely ever sharing one for intercourse.

Couples often become so depending on each other that they are unable to see themselves apart, whether for physical, emotional or financial reasons.

Now, while on the outside it all seems to be functioning, a relationship without the ‘fun’ part of function can be classified as simply existing. It may seem crazy but people stay in bad relationships for a myriad of reasons, some legitimate and others…judge for yourself.

1. They have invested too much time and too many years: And so are willing to risk investing even more years into something that is clearly not working.

2. They are afraid of being labelled a failure: It is a more a mental label but one nonetheless.

3. They do not want to upset the children: These small humans are more resilient than you think.

Kids can sometimes play a great role in couples staying together long after the love has left.

4. They are afraid of judgement and what people will say: No one likes when family and friends weigh in on their decisions.

5. They got used to ‘settling’: It is as if they have given up on being happy.

6. The alternatives do not seem so great: They see the options out there and they are not impressed enough to make an effort.

7. They do not want to be lonely: They do not understand that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.

8. They are co-dependent on each other: Sometimes they do not even realise how psychologically reliant they are on their partner.

9. They cannot financially stand on their own: Being broke is a huge factor in staying put in bad relationships.

10. They are afraid of change: They have been at it so long that anything else out there seems scary so they are afraid to even try starting over.