10 reasons you should probably hold off on marriage

Many couples aspire to marriage but there are probably just as many who know that, perhaps, marriage isn’t for them.

There are many great reasons to get coupled up and jump the broom – love, companionship, legal sex and the list continues. We’d like to think it’s a fairy tale that everyone wants and needs when they enter adulthood. However, there are some who are not cut out for that cookie cutter lifestyle, and many who do not even remotely desire it.

Let’s face it, not everyone should get married. Here are some good reasons to stay single and perfectly satisfied:

1. You are not willing to compromise.

2. You think monogamy is an antiquated concept.

3. You love your own company … a lot!

4. You do not generally trust people.

5. You do not believe in ‘love’.

6. It has never been a goal or priority.

7. You do not want to lean on or to be dependent on anyone. 

8. You do not want to check in or run things by anyone. All decisions must be your own. 

9. You see too many of you friends’ marriages fail.

10.  You do not feel the need for a marriage certificate to have sex or a baby.