10 relationship pitfalls to avoid

Relationships are tough but there are many things we can do to make them just to tad bit easier for all concerned.

No one ever said it was easy but you still do not need to make it seem like a thousand-piece jig saw puzzle. Relationships work when you put in the work and by that I mean take the time to do things right the first time.

There are many pitfalls but you can swerve past many if you think before you act, speak and before hitting “send” on a heated text during an argument. Consider if it will solve the issue or just throw gasoline on it. Think and then think some more as ‘sorry’ can’t fix every single hurt or wrong.

We should try to avoid these pitfalls if we want to maintain a happy, healthy relationship.

Yes, some people get turned on by an argument and they say make–up sex is the best but all of that means nothing if at the end of the day, your actions wounded your mate. Love them enough to learn new ways of dealing with problems.

The following are some things you should stay away from the pitfalls if you want to both keep the peace and keep your spouse happy.  

1.  Do not go to bed angry.

2. Do not overly criticise.

3. Do not threaten divorce.

4. Do not insult their career.

5. Do not test their love.

6. Do not minimise or downplay their feelings.

7. Do not be condescending or make them feel stupid.

8. Do not compare them to your ex.

9. Do not talk bad about their family.

10. Do not tell their business to your friends.