10 signs of emotional abuse

Bad relationships can take many forms, and often emotional abuse is overlooked by many.

You do not need a fractured arm or a black eye to be in a bad relationship. If the words they use cut you to the core, sometimes it’s as bad as a physical wound.

Emotional abuse often gets overlooked but is very present and very real in many unions where there is an imbalance in power and position, made worse jealousy and a desire to control or manipulate.

Harsh words, especially those spoken constantly, can take a toll on an individual and a relationship.

There are countless ways to hurt someone, and below we’ve shared ten tell-tale signs of emotional abuse to look out for.

1. Their jokes are way more mean than funny. They are designed to hurt and they usually do.

2. They are generally condescending when speaking to you, even in front of others.

3. They remind you often of your background, especially if it was poor or one in which you made many mistakes.

Criticisms about the way you look or dress can also be emotionally abusive.

4. Criticism of your appearance is constant. Every hair style or outfit is met with disapproval. 

5. Belittling your accomplishments. No matter what it is, it is never good enough in their eyes.

6. Lectures you like a child. You feel like you should constantly be saying you are sorry even when you have not done anything

7. Deflects and turns things back at you. They will tell you that you are the cause of their bad behaviour whenever they have to concede that the behaviour was bad.

8. Blames you when thing goes wrong. Everything is entirely your fault.

9. Walks away whenever you try to speak. They do not pay you the respect of listening to your opinion.

10.  Trivialises your feelings. They are dismissive of you and your thoughts and they do not get the right to continue to do so.