10 signs of maturity

Often in the middle of a heated argument, people declare that the other party should ‘grow up’, implying that they are acting immaturely and more akin to their shoe size than actual age.

When maturity kicks in, you realise that the things you thought were important, like getting the last word, are no longer big deals.

Indeed, we can all benefit from acts of maturity especially when things are not to our liking. For the most part, maturity comes with age though there are many older folks who behave rather infantile. Real maturity may then spring from the experiences we have and the life lessons we take away from them.

Here are a few signs that you’re becoming an ADULT adult:

1. You prefer to be silent than to engage in a nonsensical fights.

Do you even remember what that fight is about? It probably wasn’t even worth it.

2. You do not judge others. Or try not to.

3. You are more willing to forgive and move on.

4. Your happiness is not linked to others but your own inner-peace

When your happiness is based on your own peace, that’s the goal.

5. You accept that life comes with heartache and pain, at times.

6. Small talk no longer excites you.

7. You prefer to rest than overdo partying especially when you have work the next day.

8. You can respect different viewpoints.

9. You stop trying to force love.

10.  You are more open-minded and tolerant of people who look and act differently than you do.