10 signs you may be overweight

The security at the front desk just told you “Congratulations!” and you realise he thinks you’re pregnant. That’s not a good sign. Not only are you single, but you have not had intercourse in so long you have all but forgotten what to do if happens. T

his can only mean one thing; you have gained weight and it is significant enough for someone to innocently mistake you for being with child. You may be in denial but the signs were all there but you chose to ignore them.

Now you have to face facts, you are heavier and may even be overweight. The last thing you want to do is jeopardise your long-term health for foods that does you more harm than good.

What were the tell-tale signs your weight has become an issue? See the list below to check if any applies to you:

1. You are wearing clothes that are significantly larger than you are used to.

2. You can no longer bend over comfortably to tie your laces.

3. When get winded walking short distances or going up stairs.

4. Your back and knees hurt when you stand for long periods.

5. You have to keep loosening your belt or have since gotten an ‘expander’ to put on it.

6. You are easily tired, even when you have not exerted yourself.

7. You now have to take a battery of medications just to feel comfortable and get through the day without pain.

8. You cannot stoop or sit on low seats as it is near impossible for you to get back up without difficulty.

9.  You have developed sleep apnea or other health issues related to carrying around excess weight.

10. Friends or family members have called you out or bluntly told you that you need to lose some pounds.