10 signs you’re his side chick

The truth is while some women knowingly get into “entanglements” with men who are off the market, there are those among us who are clueless as to when a man is not available. The natural procession of this cluelessness is falling in love with a man that will never be yours. And when this happens many rarely find the strength to walk away immediately. So there you are; heartbroken, self-disparaging, and angry.

Okay, come back to me now BUZZ Fam, this hasn’t happened yet (I hope). But if you’re dating someone and have those niggling suspicions that you might not be the only one, I’m here to help.

Here are some red flags that will indicate whether the man you’re telling your friends about has already been snatched off the market. It’d be in your best interest if you do not ignore them.

He only calls, never texts

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There’s a reason why you haven’t been receiving any “good morning, babe” texts; screenshots are forever, and he knows that. So to cover his tracks he calls you instead, assuming of course that you did not download a call recording app.

He only takes you to drive-through restaurants

While you may enjoy the convenience of a drive-through restaurant every now and then, if every time you go out to eat, he takes you to a drive-through, then you need to be raising your eyebrows sis. It’s one of two things; that man just loves a drive-through, or he doesn’t want anyone to see him with you.

He always takes you out of town

Do yourself a favour and stop bragging to your friends how this man is always taking you to some secluded spots out of town. Nothing is wrong with a romantic getaway every once in a while, but if every time you are spending time together it’s out of town, then, do I need to state the obvious? Okay, he doesn’t want anyone he knows to see him with you.

He can only see you on specific days

Do you know how ridiculous you sound saying that “Thursdays are for John”? What reason did he give you for only being able to see you on Thursdays? Whatever it is, he’s lying. On Thursdays, his partner probably goes to visit her mom in the country and he finally has a day where he’s living without the fear of being caught with you.

You never meet any of his friends or family

He tells you that he’s keeping the relationship private, and nothing is wrong with that-relationships should be private. But if you’ve been dating him for a while, and haven’t met any of his family or friends, then that relationship ain’t private, it’s a secret.

He ignores you when you call him late at nights

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So you’re saying that you’re with someone but in the event that a thief breaks into your house, and tries to steal all your cutlery you can’t call him to come to save you because it’s too late? Okay, whatever you say.

He has a no picture policy

Your relationship is so nice, but it can’t be anyone’s #relationshipgoals because there is no photo evidence of it anywhere, not even on your phone. That man is simply covering his tracks in the event that his actual partner finds out he’s messing around with you. No picture, no cheating?

He gets anxious if his phone rings when he’s with you

You know the man is not a criminal, but why does he always get so anxious when his phone rings? Did he tell you it was just some business calls? You might want to ask him what kind of business makes him so anxious.

He can only come to see you late at night

That man thinks he’s smart, using the darkness of the night to hide his infidelity. Sweetheart, no man should only be able to see you at nights. What are you? A vampire? No? Then ask him to come see you when the sun is out.

You never visit his home

This man has money, and you don’t mind, but should he really be spending it on all these different hotels every time he wants to have sex? What reason did he give for not being able to take you to his home? That his relatives are there? Yea, his relatives are there alright; his wife and children.