10 simple things women want

The little things really go a long way in showing your partner that you care.

We hear women are hard to please and we don’t know what we want. On the contrary, women know exactly what they want and it’s not found in any text book either. There is no truth to the notion that men are from Mars and women from Venus. News flash, what we want foremost is love and consistency and then you top that up with some of the below, much like phone credit.

1. A man that is honest: Is that too much to ask? We don’t mind the lies that we look great in an outfit that we probably should not wear but the one about the person on the phone at 2:00 am?

2. Hugs from behind: To us, it’s like you are trying to make a physical imprint of us on your body and we like it.

Who doesn’t like the warmth and feel of a random hug?

3. Random kisses: For no reason, just because.

4. Quality time: Show her you enjoy her company even when she has on clothes.

5. Good morning texts: Nothing says you care like a message asking about your day.

6. Deep/long conversations: You know the kind where you talk about your hopes, dreams and life goals. The good stuff.

Text do not call for a Netflix and chill or booty call
There are few things better than waking up to a good morning text from your significant other.

7. To take pictures together: Be present and smile a little.

8. Cuddling and watching television: Sharing that body heat as well as the buttered popcorn.

9. Telling her often why you really ‘check’ for her: She knows you love her but make sure you explain why ever so often.

10. Surprises, even little ones: Like her favourite fruit or a poem you wrote just for her.