10 songs about female empowerment

Sometimes girls just really wanna have fun…with their favourite anthems.

Love them or hate them, songs about female empowerment give us all the love and mental boost that we need when at our lowest.

It’s a reminder that we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. There are few things as influential or inspirational as music, hence songs that highlight that we are worthy will always bring a smile to our faces.

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

There are dozens of songs that appeal to female empowerment but we’ve cut the list down to ten popular one that have struck a chord and have us turning the car radio up. It’s good vibes only when these hits come on. 

 1. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

2. Listen by Beyonce

3. On my Own by Whitney Houston

4. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

5. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

6. Respect by Aretha Franklin

7. Man I Feel like a Woman by Shania Twain

8. I Am Woman by Helen Redding

9. Who Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce

10. B**ch by Meredith Brooks