10 telltale signs of burnout

Constantly working and neglecting your welfare could result in you having burnout.

People with demanding or stressful jobs don’t realise just how much it takes out of them. They promise to call back but forget; spend hours working and overlook having lunch; forever on the treadmill of life, grinding slow but grinding still.

When you’re young, you do it and boast that you are working to build your empire but as you get older your physical frame cannot keep coping with more tasks and less sleep. Something has got to give and it better not be your body as there are no spares available. Burnout happens but as a busy bee, you probably will not even recognise the simple signs so check out the hints given below to ensure that you now are aware of what is happening. 

If it takes very little for you to become irritable at work, and little improves your mood, you may be having burnout.

1. The weekend or your one day off is spent sleeping for long periods of time. Your body is drained and it is telling you to slow down.

2. You eat to ward off ‘gas’ not because you want the meal or enjoy it. In fact half the time you do not even taste the flavours anymore.

3. You get sick with colds, aches and the flu often. That is because your immune system is compromised from being overwhelmed.

4. When your friends finally drag you out with them, you are listless, distracted and dying to go back to the comfort of your couch.

5. You get extremely irritated by inconsequential things that never used to bother you.

6. You snap at people or curse them out for minor infractions.

7. You fall asleep in meetings, family gatherings, on the bus or practically anytime you sit for longer than five minutes.

8. You feel defeated or depressed when things do not go right at work.

9. You are plagued with constant headaches. You may even wake up with one which is no way to start a day.

10. Your sleep pattern is severely interrupted and at times you have insomnia.