10 things a man needs to hear often

Sometimes we, women, take for granted the fact that our men need validation too.

Though they act all tough, macho and invincible, deep down they, too, need the occasional ‘big up’ or “good job” to keep their emotional furnace well-stocked and stoked. Never assume that your mate is doing well just because he does not come home whining every day.


Men are socialised to hold things in. There are several generations of men who believe that talking about their feelings is for sissies, and so even on the verge of a meltdown, some are reluctant to just say or share how they are doing emotionally.

Well, since they may not willingly ask for support, let us ensure that we give it unconditionally.

Take the time to tell and show your mate that he is loved and appreciated and that the job he does as a partner, father, husband, caregiver, provider and soulmate is ‘A’ class and worthy of its own cheerleader. They may say they do not like all the fuss created over them, but secretly they do. Give and give until you at least get a smile from them.

I believe in you

Believe in them like how Labourites believe in BroGad!

I support you

Never laugh at his dreams no matter how ridiculous they may seem to you.

I love you

Whisper it in his ears every time you see him off. It is like his shield of armour against thirsty women out there.

I appreciate you

Every man wants to be appreciated, even for carrying out the garbage at night.

I am proud of you

Accomplishments big and small should always be celebrated.

I see your progress

Even if it is baby steps, acknowledge and applaud it.

You’re so handsome

He likes to know that you still find him attractive.

I only want you

It is that ‘only’ part that turns them to jello. Imagine knowing your woman only has eyes for you.

Sex with you is amazing

You will leave him with a smile on his face all day.

Thank you

For all that you do, even the things I don’t remember, keep being a good man.