10 things Caribbean people suck at

Caribbean people know how to bring the vibes, and also lots of other traits no one bargained for.

From our food to our fun-loving ways; to our language and affinity for partying hard, and laughing at the most inappropriate moments, Caribbean nationals are the best, and the worst.

We often do as we please, and credit it to our ‘laidback’ approach to life.

The following are a few things we are terrible at. It’s not for lack of trying, resources or explanation. In general, we just do not care to do better. Read through and see if you agree.

1.  Customer service: We can be surly, if not downright rude. The worker is always right.

Who hasn’t asked to speak to a manager when things started going south doing business?

2. Fidelity: No lies detected; just ask any random person walking by.

3. Following rules: What now? Those don’t apply to us. We bend, circumvent, skip and manoeuvre as we please.

4. Driving with sense: When you have people who drive the opposite way on a ‘one way’ road, then you know it is a real problem.

You’ll get there, but don’t ask how.

5. Reading instructions: Those are merely suggestions, there’s little to no time spent on reading manuals.

6. Minding our own business: Nobody knows your business more than a nosey neighbour or inquisitive co-worker.

7. Diplomacy or tact: If you didn’t want our thoughts, then you shouldn’t have done it.

8. Letting go of things:  Talk about holding on to a grudge or old grievances, we have that locked.

9. Sticking to a topic: Going off script is an artform and we’re Michaelangelo

10. Not being petty: Just call us Petty McPettington.