10 things Jamaican men don’t like

Just as our women do, Jamaican men can get tired and frustrated with certain things when they feel as if they have given a lot and at least deserve some consideration and respect for all that they do for their families. They overlook a lot, but there are just some things that get them riled up. Below are a few:

Women who constantly beg for credit

It is a wonder how some women have iPhones if they cannot even afford to make calls.

Women who habitually send ‘please call me’

Some women just never ever have credit, ever.

Babylon (police)

The history of bad blood is real between law enforcement officers and Jamaican men.

Asking for directions

They do not think they need GPS. Instead, Jamaican men apparently just automatically know exactly when they are going even if they have neer been there before.

Disappearing food

Jamaican men do not like people who take and eat their food from the fridge, especially if it’s something they have been looking forward to consuming. You have never seen rage like that of a hungry man who realises his food is gone.

Slow Wi-Fi

This can be excruciatingly painful


If you want to see Jamaican men get ‘dark’,  talk about the possibility of them being unsuspectingly fitted with ‘jackets’.

Being denied the pleasure of hair touching

Some women still do not get that their men sometimes like to run their fingers in their nice, long hair and feel tight cane rows below the surface.

Women who can’t boil water

 A woman who is useless in the kitchen is not cute, no matter how physically attractive she may be. 


When going low, teeth are a no-no. Teeth can be a big turn-off.