10 things money cannot buy

There are many things that money just can’t buy.

They say money makes the world go around. That ‘chi-ching’ sound is music to many ears, and we all know and understand the anxiety of not having any when bills are due or the landlord shows up and our coffers are drier than the skin on a 13-year-old boy’s shin.

So, while we grudgingly acknowledge that it cannot purchase happiness, it can, however, purchase a ticket to any exotic place that you wish to go and find it! It cannot make you happy, but without it, your life is definitely sad, as despite what some people say, there is nothing romantic about struggling and being poor.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can purchase nice things.

Having said all of that, there are several things money cannot buy. There are some things like what MasterCard said are just priceless and remain out of your grasp even with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’ accumulated wealth. When you realise the value of these things, you will get a better appreciation of how important it is to be a decent human being and to treat everyone with kindness, regardless of their status or station in life.

1. Class. This is so true, and we often see people with tonnes of money but who act like school in July: no class!

2. Integrity. This is when you do the right thing whether or not someone is watching you. Money cannot buy this. You either have it deep within you or you do not.

3. Values. Your attitude does affect your altitude in life and without values, you cannot get ahead in life.

4. A sense of humour. Some people can suck the life out of any form of enjoyment to the point that no one wants them around, as their gloom and doom mentality is so off-putting, they can give you a headache. If you have not learnt to laugh at yourself at least once a day, your life is truly sad.

5. Time. Father time steals everything from us and never gives it back. This is one of two elements that cannot be replaced, no matter your bank balance.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can’t buy time.

6. Life. This is the second element that is irreplaceable as old-time people correctly stated that ‘what does not cost life, does not cost much’.

7. Common sense. Apparently, it is not so common anymore, and no amount of book learning can give you this.

8. Manners. You have to be carefully taught these, but unfortunately, too many of us lack this, and it can be hard to master past childhood stage. Manners open doors for us and introduces us to a whole new world of possibilities. Being uncouth and uncultured never makes for a good first impression.

9. Character. When you leave this earth, you take with you your reputation and character, as both will live on long after your departure, so ensure that both are good.

10. Love. The most elusive, fickle and controversial human emotion ever. Nothing can replace it and only time can repair it, so treat it with delicate kid gloves.

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