10 things most Jamaicans fear or hate

Unique is a simple word that best describes Jamaicans and their proclivities, fears, phobias and customs. Repeatedly you hear that Jamaica is not a real place, and if that is so, then their dislikes are classified in a category all on their own.

Now ‘yard’ people have a tonne of stuff they do not mess with, do not like or get ‘ignorant’ about, including croaking lizards and people who have sticky fingers. We decided to look at a few less known peeves. Check the list below and see if you agree with these seemingly egregious things.

Jamaicans are never eager to pay taxes.

1. Having to pay taxes

When we hear that tax has increased or been added to a product, it is like some of us want to tear up a cardboard box, take to the street and demand justice! Fi real star!

2. Bun

Not the Easter sweet loaf kind. Women cry over it, and unfortunately, some men have killed over it. Please to ease up on the bun if cheese is not involved in its giving.

3. Traffic jam

Thank God for highways to get us out of town, but when you are in town every slip road and side street becomes a raceway as if they think it is Dover.

Some persons get annoyed when they are stopped by the cops.

4. When police pull you over

When they walk out into the road and hold up their hands, there is usually that sinking feeling accompanied by a “Lawd, what now?!”

5. A bad dream

If your aunty from country ever dream see certain things and call you, you will stay home for a couple of days until that ‘cold bump’ premonition feeling wears off.

6. Bathing in cold water

Though we do not have winter here, during the months of December to February if some people are completely honest, they only tidy with a damp rag or baby wipes. A so the thing set!

7. Power cut

When the light goes in the middle of your favourite series or during a major sporting event such as the Olympics or World Championships. The curse words hurled at the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) company are both bountiful and colourful!

The typical Jamaican hates hunger.

8. Political loss

When the political party they supported, loses. When they have to take all the teasing and jeering, few can do so with a stoic or straight face

9. Selector roll call

When attending a dance and the selector starts having a roll-call for those men who like to indulge in ‘oral activities’. Yup, sometimes you can see the actual sweat beads on their foreheads or upper lips. It is not easy hiding bedroom activities in an island where nothing is a secret for too long.

10. Hunger

Nope, when a yard man hungry, do not provoke him, as hunger is not something we bare graciously. It has driven many to do things they would otherwise not do. Ah bwoy!

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